Author name: Alice Whitehead

Service Programs — Transformative or Detrimental? Service is an integral part of the learning journey of many students globally, with a large number of schools including service learning as part of their curriculum. When facilitated well, service programs can be transformative for students and their communities, leading to deep learning and positive change. When implemented […]

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In these times of separation, remaining connected to each other and in service to our communities is more important than ever. As students around the world move into the space of online education how can we ensure they stay engaged in ‘service’, continuing both their learning and active global citizenship? Different ways to serve Whilst

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Service now forms an important part of many school curriculums around the world, but what is ‘service’ and why is it necessary? A shared understanding of service Service can be defined as: “The voluntary act of addressing community needs and ethically working towards sustainable solutions. A process that involves active consultation and collaboration among stakeholders,

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