Our Story

Orenda Learning is an impact driven social enterprise that guides young people, educators and community in best practice service. We dream of 'a flourishing global community built on foundation of love; where deep connection, compassionate action and sustainable living are grounded in everyday life'.

Orenda Learning was founded in 2018 by Alice Whitehead, an educator with a passion for service and drive to inspire positive global change. Our strategic intent is to equip young people with crucial knowledge, skills, qualities and the agency to affect positive global transformation in our rapidly changing and complex world. A team of amazing individuals has supported the growth of Orenda Learning; Amy Minkley, Adithya Anandaraman, Suji DeHart, Rick Ussher, Ailbhe Joyce, Scott Mitchell Atkins, Jovic Felizardo, Shei Ascencio and Stephen Pitt-Walker... plus many others who we have met along the way!

Alice working alongside students on a Little Planet service trip at Free The Bears, Cambodia

We have an online program in service (community action) for young people called Be The Change. Be The Change improves the lives and well-being of students, educators, and communities around the world by empowering young people to engage in quality service engagements. Be The Change requires students to be active in their learning and address real problems, working alongside community stakeholders and/or partner organisations like Not For Profits and NGOs.

Students from American Community School of Abu Dhabi working on Be The Change. Their theoretical learning will be applied to a real life community project.

Our work supports the attainment of all 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). However, we directly and specifically impact Goal 4: Quality Education, in particular, Target 4.7 Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship.

Shei collaborating in an afforestation campaign led by students from Luanda International School in partnership with Otchiva

We collaborate with organisations globally, including schools, universities, homeschooling groups, not for profits/NGOs and experiential education providers. In addition to the Be The Change program, we offer consulting to guide organisations to build best practice in their service programs, as well as Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Environmental Social Governance (ESG) consulting to support organisations in achieving their sustainability objectives.

Orenda Learning has started a movement that empowers people to Be The Change. We invite you to come on this journey with us!

Watch our Free 35 minute Professional Development Presentation: How To Level Up Your Service Program

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